Terms of use.

Effective on: 28.03.2024

BLANCHE Media AB, organisation number 559191-0772, (“BLANCHE Media“), is a provider of digital subscription-based audio content services (“Services“). By using the Services, you (“you” or “User“) can stream audio books and listen to them with your mobile device with an internet connection. The Services are accessible via our website (“Website“) or our application (“App“) available for download in Apple App Store or in Google Play.

These Terms of Use (“Terms“) apply when you use the Services, including registering of a User account before you purchase a subscription. The Services which are subject to these Terms are any services provided by BLANCHE Media and which are marketed as BLANCHE Media’s services.

You may use the Services only if you are 18 years or older and are capable of entering into a binding contract with BLANCHE Media and if you accept these Terms.

By using the Services, you agree that you have read, understood and that you accept these Terms. By using the Services, you also confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Notice, available here.

1. The Services.

1.1 The use of the Services entails that you consume audio books or other content made available by BLANCHE Media (“Content“). You may only use the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes.

2. The Price and Terms of Payment

2.1 BLANCHE Media offers monthly, quarterly, half-year and yearly subscriptions. Information about the prices for the subscriptions are available here.

2.2 Depending on whether you purchase a monthly, quarterly, half-year or yearly subscription, you will be charged when you purchase the subscription and the same day each following month, quarter, half year or year after. The exact date of payment may vary in certain cases, for example if your payment information has not been verified or if the subscription was initiated on a date which is not applicable in another month. In some cases, the timing of the charge may change, for example if there are insufficient funds at the time of the draw. 

2.3 You can update your payment details by visiting our website and clicking on Manage Subscriptions. If a payment cannot be made due to your card’s validity period expiring, insufficient funds, or for any other reason, and you do not update your payment details or terminate your account, BLANCHE Media may suspend access to the Service until BLANCHE Media has received payment or cancel your subscription. 

2.4 In case you have been charged incorrectly, BLANCHE Media will reimburse you within thirty (30) days.

2.5 The prices are inclusive all taxes and other charges. The payment will be performed with a credit card via the Website, via App store or Google Play, or in another manner stipulated by BLANCHE Media.

2.6 The prices are exclusive applicable fees for data traffic or other fees deriving from the contract between you and your internet and telecommunications provider.

3. The Right of Withdrawal

3.1 You have the right to withdraw from your purchase under fourteen (14) days in accordance with the law on consumer distance and off-premises contracts. The period of 14 days begins on the date on which you purchase your subscription.

3.2 In case you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal but have accessed or used the Services during this period, BLANCHE Media has the right to charge you for each day you have used your account. The daily fee is calculated by dividing the applicable monthly subscription fee by thirty (30).

3.3 In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, please use this standard form, available here and send it to hello@blanchestories.com from the same email address which you have used for registering of your user account.

4. Term and Termination

4.1 The subscription will renew automatically, monthly or yearly, until the subscription is cancelled by you. You may terminate you subscription at any time. To terminate the subscription before the next subscription fee is charged, you must terminate the subscription at least one day before the new subscription period begins.

4.2 To terminate your subscription, please visit https://accounts.blanchestories.com/ or the subscription settings of the App Store or Google Play, which ever you have used to subscribe to the Services. You may also contact us at hello@blanchestories.com if you need help terminating your subscription.

5. BLANCHE Media’s Rights and Obligations

5.1 BLANCHE Media reserves the right to change the prices of the Services and these Terms. BLANCHE Media will inform you about such changes by email at least thirty (30) days before the changes enter into force.

5.2 BLANCHE Media may contact you via mail, telephone, SMS, MMS or email about offers, changes or other relevant information about the Services.

5.3 BLANCHE Media is not responsible for any disruptions in the mobile network.

5.4 The Services are available continuously, and without interruptions. However, BLANCHE Media does not guarantee that the Services always function without errors or interruptions. Further, BLANCHE Media AB reserves the right to address any errors and interruptions to the functioning of the Services. Further, BLANCHE Media AB reserves the right to temporarily close the Services for example for maintenance or updates.

5.5 BLANCHE Media reserves the right to transfer its rights and obligations in accordance with these Terms. Further, BLANCHE Media AB shall have the right to engage contractors for the performance of their obligations under these Terms.

6. The User’s Rights and Obligations

6.1 You may only use the Content of the Services for your personal use. The subscription is personal and shall not be shared with others.

6.2 The User shall not in any way disseminate, such as copy, borrow or rent out, the Content of the Services.

6.3 The User shall not in any way, fully or partly, copy the Content, including for own personal use.

6.4 The User shall not play the Content in public.

6.5 The User shall ensure that the contact information provided in the context of registering of an account is correct and up to date. The User shall change her email address by changing the email address in the account settings at https://accounts.blanchestories.com/, in App Store or Google Play or by contacting BLANCHE Media via email at hello@blanchestories.com. Emails sent by BLANCHE Media shall be considered received by the User after three (3) days from the date the email was sent.

6.6 The User undertakes to refrain from discriminating conduct and from using offensive or disturbing expressions when interacting with BLANCHE Media’s Services, for example when reviewing or commenting the Content.

6.7 The User shall not have the right to transfer her rights and obligations in accordance with these Terms, without BLANCHE Media’s written consent.

6.8 BLANCHE Media undertakes to transfer a subscription to a new email address within seven (7) business days from receiving such request from the User.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 BLANCHE Media holds all rights, including intellectual property rights, to the Services and the software it includes. Nothing in these Terms or other documentation between BLANCHE Media and you shall be considered to constitute a transfer of intellectual property rights between the parties.

8. Third Party Application and Links

8.1 The Services may contain and be integrated with third party applications, and services (“Third-Party Applications“) to make the Content and the Services available to you and may publish links to internet websites maintained by third parties. The Third-Party Applications may have their own terms and conditions of use and privacy notices and your use of these Third-Party Applications will be governed by and be subject to such terms and conditions and privacy notices.

8.2 You understand and agree that BLANCHE Media does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for the behavior, features, or content of any Third-Party Application or for any transaction you may enter into with the provider with any such Third-Party Application. Furthermore, the contents of hyperlinks to third-party websites or platforms do not imply that BLANCHE Media supports, promotes, guarantees or recommends the linked websites or platforms.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 BLANCHE Media shall not be liable for any errors which are outside BLANCHE Media’s control and which BLANCHE Media could reasonably not expect when this agreement was concluded, and the implications of which BLANCHE Media could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

9.2 In case any errors appear in the Services, BLACHE Media encourages the User to notify BLANCHE Media at hello@blanchestories.com.

9.3 BLANCHE Media may terminate this agreement with the User with immediate effect if BLANCHE Media has reasons to suspect that the User is breaching these Terms or in another way abuses the Services in a manner that may harm BLANCHE Media or a third party.

9.4 In case of dispute between BLANCHE Media and the User, the parties shall firstly seek to resolve the dispute between the parties. Otherwise, the dispute shall be resolved by the National Board for Consumer Disputes (“ARN”). Secondarily, a dispute may be referred to the ordinary courts of Sweden. Swedish law will be applicable to the application of these Terms.

10. Contact Information

Please find BLANCHE Media’s contact details as follows:

Org. number: 559191-0772

+46 (0) 709 – 933177

Artillerigatan 50
114 45 Stockholm