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Welcome to a universe filled with hundreds of romance short stories that will make all your dreams come true. Meet the prince of your dreams, fall in love at first sight or why not go on a date with a poet in Paris?

Our romantic short stories depict love in all its forms, but always with the woman at the center.

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Questions & Answers On Romance

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about romance and romantic short stories.

The Romance category at BLANCHEstories includes all our romantic audio stories that you can find in the Blanche app. We sometimes refer to this genre as romance or romantic short stories. There are romantic stories in both English and Swedish in the app, but some stories are only available in one language.

A romantic novel is a short story that depicts romance, romantic and sexual feelings and fantasies without being too explicit in its depiction of sexual scenes and events. Romantic novels often depict infatuation, excitement, desire and love.

In the Blanche app, you will find a wide range of romantic audio novels, i.e. audio books in short format. We’ve chosen the short story format to make it easy to listen to in everyday life: on the way to work, on a lunchtime walk or when you just want a moment to yourself.

The romantic stories in the Blanche app are very hot, sensual and arousing! However, they are not as explicit in their descriptions of sex and sexual fantasies as the erotic stories. The romantic stories have a “kind” language and we avoid words that could be offensive.

Romance is a literary and popular culture genre that depicts stories that generally revolve around love, romance, infatuation and desire. Romance can also contain elements of eroticism and sex to varying degrees but, unlike hot romance, without being too explicit. In BLANCHEstories, we use the terms romance, romance and romantic stories in parallel when referring to the range of romantic stories in the Blanche app.

The romantic short stories in the Blanche app depict love, romance, desire, lust and pleasure in all its forms! There are also a number of niche themes in the Blanche app:

  • Classics
  • Love letters from the past
  • Crime Romance

BLANCHEstory’s Classics is excerpts of hot and/or romantic passages from classic works such as Dracula and The Great Gatsby. The voices of our Classics include Linus Wahlgren and Cecilia von der Esch.

BLANCHEstories Love Letters from the Past consists of authentic love letters written by historical figures such as August Strindberg and Ludwig van Beethoven, read by Richard Ulfsäter.

Crime Romance is a genre within Romance that can be seen as a cross-over between crime and romance. Suspense and romance in a sweet combination in the same story. We recommend the series White Affairs, Black Mind to be found in the Blanche app!

Our romance novels depict love, romance, desire and lust, but are a little ‘softer’ and less explicit in their depiction of sexual scenes and events. We also refer to this genre as romance. Our erotic short stories are more explicit in their depiction of sex and masturbation, we also use slightly harsher language to reflect a more erotic and sexual atmosphere in the stories. We refer to this genre as hot romance or erotica.

Over 40 authors write for BLANCHEstories and many of them write both erotic and romantic short stories. Some authors exist both in Swedish and English. Some authors who write particularly romantic stories are the couple Jessica Eriksson and Stefan Holm, Bianca Grandi and Eleonora Zacke. In the app you can easily search for your favorite authors.

Start writing! And when you have something to share, we’d love to see it. We are always looking for writers, both established or unknown, who want to write for us. Read more about how to become a writer for BLANCHEstories.

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