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We work with both known and unknown authors who all have in common that their stories have the ability to captivate and seduce while meeting our high standards. The focus on female pleasure and consent are fundamental criterias, in both romantic and erotic short stories at Blanche.

Alva Sannemark

Alva Sannemark

Alva Sannemark is the pseudonym for an author that usually writes in a whole different genre. She has published multiple novells. She dances, writes novells, eats pralines – Preferably at the same time.

Astrid Landell

Astrid Landell

It’s with humor and elusive dialogue that Astrid Landell writes about hard flirted women, random meetups and humans inherent longing. And the sea. Her detailed depiction of her surroundings will make you you want to immediately experience the open sea and stormy encounters.

Bianca Grandi - författare - BLANCHEstories

Bianca Grandi

Bianca Grandi writes unfiltered and poetically about the longing for adventure.  She explores questions about lust and has a deep interest in where desire  takes people who dares follow their passion. And where it takes you?

Eleonora Zacke

Eleonora Zacke

Behind the pseudonym Eleonora Zacke hides an former unpublished author, with the high ambition of writing romantic, sexy and entertainingly of love and erotism between women. She lives in a house in the country with her wife and works with something totally different.

Emilia Bell - författare - BLANCHEstories

Emilia Bell

Emilia Bell writes with humor and accurate feel-good erotica about steamy encounters. For BLANCHEstories she has written A different hunt.

Flora Wiström

Flora Wiström

Flora Wiström is the author of the novells Hold your breath (Hålla andan) and Stay (Stanna). For us she’s written the three part series The Act, a steamy drama between two strangers, set at the Swedish national theater, Dramaten.

Freja Åberg - författare - BLANCHEstories

Freja Åberg

On point and without frills Freja Åberg portraits desire and passion. She doesn’t hold back in conveying the most intimate details, preferably in an environment that enhances the pulsating experience. Have a listen and see for yourself!

MJ Tuvesson

M.J Nilsson

M.J Nilsson depicts lovemaking in a deft and enchanting manner. Dreamy encounters that are more than just fantasies. If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with this storyteller, it’s about time. Put on your headphones and press play!

M.J. Hervey - författare - BLANCHEstories

M.J. Hervey

Poetically, M.J. Hervey sends out her stories. She will overwhelm you with the beauty of desire and will transport you to the epicenter of discoveries and conquests.

Morgan Steele - författare - BLANCHEstories

Morgan Steele

Morgan Steele catches small subtle actions, in the most everyday situations. She lures us into relaxing and then delicately stretches the boundaries. With precision she pinpoints human yearning and makes the listener stand alert in front of the abyss of desire.

Saga Stigsdotter

Saga Stigsdotter

The presence is palpable in Saga Stigsdotters stories. The dialogue is fast as a whip and the storyline’s hot. If kink makes you curious, then Stigsdotters novells definitely something for you.

Siri Albin

Siri Albin

Siri Albin works as a librarian and engages in dancing and writings. She debuts at BLANCHEstories with her story Bidding. Read our interview with Siri here (in Swedish).

Sylvia Cross - författare - BLANCHEstories

Sylvia Cross

Sylvia Cross is the author who crossed the Atlantic for love. She writes hot and passionately about love and erotics, easy to indulge yourself in.

Violet Wilde - författare - BLANCHEstories

Violet Wilde

Violet Wilde depicts the shimmer of new love and everyday romance with great sensuality. If you’re longing for tuned fantasies with meditative elements, then don’t miss Wilde. It’s an experience with elements of calming aphrodisiacs, in audio format.

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