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Women's Pleasure

- The Female Pleasure Manifesto!

Pleasure is an important part of life, most people would probably agree with that. For well-being, for self-exploration – and for the quality of life itself.

Nevertheless, pleasure is prioritized last in everyday life, especially by us women. Maybe it’s something you only treat yourself to on holiday? Maybe it doesn’t feel right to prioritize your own needs? Maybe it’s at the very bottom of that mental to-do list? Or maybe it is simply impossible to have time for in the everyday puzzle?

We at Blanche Stories are passionate about bringing more pleasure into women’s lives. That’s why we created Sweden’s first app with hot romance and erotic short stories – by women, for women. By ensuring that hundreds of top quality short audio stories are always available in your pocket, we incorporate pleasure into women’s lives. Because women need to have more time for pleasure.