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Erotic Short Stories

Welcome to a universe of hundreds of hot erotic audio short stories that will awaken your lust and titillate your desires.

Our erotic short stories are always based on consent, with focus on the woman’s desire and pleasure.

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Questions & Answers On Erotica

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about erotica and erotic stories.

The Erotic category at BLANCHEstories includes all our erotic audio stories that you can find in the Blanche app. Under the Erotic category, we also offer a selection from the prestigious publisher Harlequin’s DARE series. In Erotica you will also find erotic short stories that revolve around or have elements of BDSM.

In the Blanche app you will find erotic audio stories, which are just like audio books but in a shorter format. We have chosen the short story format to make listening as accessible as possible in everyday life: on the bus, in the laundry room or when you have a moment to spare. In addition, we want to limit the story to a few characters and events in order to focus more on the feeling that the story wants to convey to the listener.

Our definition of an erotic novel is a short story that depicts erotic scenes and events where the character often has sex with himself or others. The primary purpose of the short story is usually to provide mental and physical pleasure and make the listener sexually aroused. Another purpose may be to enable the listener to explore their own sexuality and sexual preferences in a safe and secure way.

Erotica is a genre in literature, media, and other culture that aims to evoke feelings of arousal or sensuality. Erotica fits well with the content of BLANCHEstory’s erotic short stories and we sometimes use the term erotica alongside erotica when referring to our range of erotic short stories.

Hot Romance is a genre in literature and entertainment that generally refers to romantic stories with elements of “heat”, i.e. erotic or sexual scenes or events. At BLANCHEstories, we sometimes use the term hot romance to describe our erotic stories.

The most obvious difference between an erotic short story and an erotic novel is that the short story is much shorter. This also affects the narrative in the sense that while a novel often spends a lot of time allowing the listener or reader to get to know all the characters, their backgrounds, the settings, etc., the short story usually contains only a few characters, places and events and thus feels much more “straightforward” and in that sense more eventful.

Our romance novels depict love, romance, desire and lust, but are a little ‘softer’, less explicit, in their depiction of sexual scenes and events. We also refer to this genre as romance. Our erotic short stories are more explicit in their depiction of sex and masturbation and we also use slightly harsher language to reflect a more erotic, sexual atmosphere in the stories. We also refer to this genre as hot romance.

An erotic novel depicts the sexual desire, pleasure and lust of the characters with the aim of making the listener or reader turned on. The characters in the erotic short story also often explore and/or challenge their own sexuality, which can further inspire the listener to explore their own sexuality. An erotic short story therefore often challenges in a way that other types of fiction may not dare to do, as it could risk breaking the “contract” (agreement) between the author and the reader/listener about what kind of content is allowed to be conveyed. In the Blanche app, we have divided all our short stories into three different categories – romance, erotica, lust and health – to make it clear what kind of content the listener can expect when listening to each category.

Our authors often reiterate that they mainly write about things that make them sexually aroused. Therefore, the themes and content of erotic fiction can naturally vary greatly. Recurring themes include sexual desire and excitement, exciting places and fantasies, forbidden fantasies, masturbation, fetishes, experimental sex, and dominance and submission (BDSM). What makes BLANCHEstories erotic short stories unique is that they also always focus on the female perspective and are characterized by consent.

Erotic stories are the most explicit genre in the Blanche app. They depict detailed and intimate sexual fantasies, scenes and events, including elements of dominance and submission (BDSM) and different types of sexual fetishes. The language is often graphic and direct and contains explicit words.

If you want to explore your own desire and pleasure, are curious to explore your own sexuality and sexual fantasies, or want to get inspiration for your sex life with yourself or your partner, we believe that hot stories are definitely for you! Who knows, it might lead to a new passion, more pleasure in everyday life, or a newfound love for yourself or someone else?

We are convinced that women need and deserve more pleasure in everyday life! (Read our pleasure manifesto here) Listening to erotic stories is a great way for many people to explore their own sexuality, desire and pleasure. The basis for a good sex life with yourself and others is knowing yourself and your body and knowing what turns you on and what you enjoy. Most of our listeners listen to BLANCHEstories on their own, but also find that their sex life with their partner is improved by listening to BLANCHEstories. Some listeners also listen together with their partner both to achieve pleasure together and to jointly explore sexual fantasies, fetishes, etc.

Over 40 authors write for BLANCHEstories and many of them write both erotic and romantic short stories. Some authors exist both in Swedish and English. Some authors who write particularly erotic stories are Saga Stigsdotter, Flora Wiström and Morgan Steele. In the app you can easily search for your favorite authors.

We are always looking for new writers, both established or unknown, who want to write for us. Read more about how to become a writer for BLANCHEstories.