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About BLANCHEstories

We make sex sexier – on your terms! BLANCHEstories is Scandinavias first audio-erotic app focusing on pleasure – designed to give relaxation and titillate your desires. We give you sexy and romantic adventures in short format – when you want it, where you want it. Stories that will make you blush and tomorrow fade away. All without requirement, expectations or counter performance we will whisper in your ear, all that you want to hear …

BLANCHEstories wants to contribute with healthy values and create stimulating entertainment on women’s terms. We want to give women a chance to dedicate time for their own enjoyable selfs. Say, 15 minutes every day. For no other reason than that everyone’s worth a moment of relaxation and wellbeing.
BLANCHEstories was founded in 2019 by the Swedish trio Beatrice von Schwerin, Catja Löfgren and Lisa Leuhusen. The idea of an audio-erotic plattform was formed through the shared longing for a relaxed mind and a more connected body. With a background in advertising, film and TV the trio decided to create an entertainment service that mainly aimed at women, with focus on pleasure and well-being, that describes sex as sex should be – with a mix of longing, liberation and consent. In short: romotica – romance and erotica that titillates women’s desires.

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BLANCHEstories’s universe of romantic and erotic short stories and playful guides are growing every day. Our editors are continuously recruiting new writers and voices. Among the many creators you’ll find new shooting stars and well known authors and actors. We believe that female desire and pleasure has its own voice and with that we distance us from any kind of drug romance, body fixation and violence.

BLANCHEstories vision is to satisfy your mind.


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